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beirut top officials. this local news in san francisco but half of what we talked about this morning it seemed to be talking about the middle east. >> you wanted to find out for yourself with a background in political science and you wrote for the newspaper. and you are a surfer. i do not know about anything surfing in the middle east. it is not exactly a premiu prime- place but he was a great way to experience the area. i applied for over 150 jobs and i could not get any. however i was able to get some leverage with this book. >> the first time the you had to put on a flap jacket >> i was on the west bank covering a protest. i had already served in northern israel and you cannot cross the border because the israelis and lebanese will shoot rockets. you have to put on this jacket with tear gas canisters coming down and it is a mind experience like nothing else. as well, there is this beautiful mediterranean surf. it is it this dichotomy of the violence it is throughout this entire book. >> there's also this photograph of you wearing a gas mask. can you explain? >> yes. tear gas is pr
for game 3 of the world series. kron 4 is the only local station that is there as the players and coaches got off the bus to head into comerica park. >> j.r. stone followed them to detroit. teac \ series game 3 is the talk of the town. it will be anything but quiet this evening at 5 07 pacific time. iwe were the only san francisco news crews there was there when they got off the bus on friday and they arrived here in detroit. they took batting practice and then they went to the hotel to rest up for tonight's big game. i talked to a number of tigers fans who stated all sorts of things and even growled at me. teachin teacwhat do you think about the big panda dieguy? >> i do not like him. i like the tigers. >> reporting in detroit, j.r. stone kron 4 news. teachin let's turn to our reporter who is live outside of at&t park. chiche it is certainly giants fever out here and some people are running or jogging by the war. a lot of them are wary giants hats, shirts and jackets. >> a lot of the fans are kind of conflict thing. some of them stated that will like to see the giants win in san francisc
for your favorite eatery? and walnut creek patrons are choosing local eateries and vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. >> please pardon the delay in the closed captioning. >> now let us take a look at sports. michael phelps, baseball, a controversial play. >> all the talk is over, the giants have avoided two weeks to get the national league playoffs underway. the national league and. and baker, the guy that replaced them, there is brian everybody is going to be watching matt cain. he gave up five runs and a five-game loss. at at&t park and also came lost his game when they visited cincinnati. and also 2010- 2012 was the d
and it is done by a local director here and paulo out told. all of these movies are shourd and they are about from 2 to 15 minutes. they are dramas, the dock or a man to read and and summation. documentary'd animation. the money goes to a good cause. you can come out and enjoy the movie and have a beer or wine. these women are doing a lot of things to express themselves. the best part is that it is been to fitting breast cancer. this is teaching about breast cancer and how to prevent our mothers, daughters and grandmothers. >> when you buy a ticket for low and fast your money is going to something fabulous. i will be interviewing the femme makers and women who have dedicated their lives. let's show you one of our ferret modistefavorite movies. the luna is a bar. >> it just touches your heart and finally this is why i like. i do like them all because they are on short but this is about a couple who was in a training camp and what they have to discover about their bodies and boys. >> for some of you this is how you can become a part of a loan the fest. you will learn a lot about traditional and
is accused by local authorities of the you all the81however, te could be full power expected by 9:00 p.m. this intersection in hayward. as a heads up you may want to find a different route. >> thank you. >> let us turn our attention to the weather. what the city forecast is going to be. with overcast conditions and here is janu. >> thank you, marty. we will take a look at the san mateo bridge with mostly clear skies and patchy fog. as for this afternoon sunny and a bit cooler. those low clouds and fog will return. just how widespread it is right now. breaks of sunshine so not quite that bad. we will see some clearing and widespread sunshine. pressing its way overnight with mid-50s in san francisco an. and low 50s in santa rosa. 56 degrees for livermore. the afternoon highs are going to be pretty nice. in the north bay with 70's for santa rosa. 70's expected in napa. and 70's for san francisco. low 70's in los gatos, campbell and the allman valley and the same for evergreen in. your full forecast, coming up. today will be another big day with crowds. we have a fleet week. the giants pla
are heating up a local clothing store to show their team pride. >> i know that we are going to do it again >>reporter: the cincinnati reds were given a scare but the san francisco came out on top. the one the giants do well does business do well? >> yes. >> there seems to be a common theme plank out on the streets of the city by the bay. orange and black and where it proud. >> you can see more people purchasing giants cure. >> he cannot put a percentage on it but when the giants win the so does the register. in san francisco, kron 4. it is a very busy sports venue are run the bay area. the raiders are in atlanta. that is at 10:00 a.m. and half the 49ers are hosting the new york giants. in a rematch take a look at endeavour slowly making its way to its new home through the streets of los angeles it is actually behind schedule and it is traveling at a rate of only two m.p.h.. >> what we can expect for today with the fog. we can see how widespread is. by 12, it is going to be along the coast but pretty much everywhere else. for the afternoon is where we're expecting that sunshine to come out
in a local forecast, janu. >> plenty of sunshine with another round of warm temperatures. 50s and 60s and plenty of 70's on the yellow one your screen. a mixture of '70s and '80s for the warmer areas but 60s along the coast guard for those headed out it looks like temperatures are going to be widespread 60s. taking a look of those numbers with 70's through los gatos, and redwood city and palo alto. and through the evergreen valley fairfield, pleasanton with 70's in the east bayshore. and mid-60s in ocean beach and mid 70's through petaluma and novado. as we take a look at hurricane sandy. at 12 m.p.h. with sustained winds at 75 in the h that will press northwest. hitting northwest atlantic city by monday evening. it looks like the end of the week could wrap around to the northeast. as for the giants game, we are expecting dry conditions and cloudy and windy in chile. but no rainfall. we are expecting rainfall by mid-week. not that much but we're still expecting it on halloween. 8:47. >> our guest this morning is no stranger to filling out of place. she was adopted from a pakistan in o
have to dial the 11 digits due to a new area code 669. this is also for local numbers as well. you will dow 1 + the number if you are ddial the 1 pr if you are calling from a land line #. >> the plaza has been turned into an extreme playland. its features some of the--the big attraction happens to mar where amateurs can grab a >> iwellcome and jim. consumer electronics have become the way that everyone lives. we buy a lot of these things and there are nice holiday gifts. >> and this is one of the hot holiday items. this is the galaxy note by samsung. this has a 5 in. screen and is terrific. it is very bright and it is the fastest growing phone. how much does this go for? this is private to a larger $50 with the service from the carrier. samsung is from a t and t.. >> ithese blow up in a flash and you do not have to wait for them. they have all the connections on the side of trauma books are the high end to laptops and they started abo $700. all truultra e next biggest thing till a laptop. >> ithis one is like a place station. you al nexus seven. apple is looking at them introducin
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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